You don’t have to go it alone!

Are you trying to get ahead, but you’re getting stopped by obstacles that block your way? Let me help you keep going when the going gets tough.

I provide coaching and consulting to help you lay new foundations and guide you through the things that are holding you back, giving you the best of my insight, perspective and know-how to help you do what you want to do.

Besides helping you devise strategies and solutions, I can also serve as a trusted advisor and confidante to get clear on your direction, bounce ideas off of, and provide a sounding board to keep you moving forward.

But I can help in a lot of other ways, too, including:

  • Law Consulting. General legal counsel and law consulting to get and stay on track.

  • Mission/Project Development. Strategic planning. Tactics. Business models. Contracts. Business relationships. Construction and development. And more.

  • Business advice. Solving problems. Pivoting in new directions. Bootstrapping. Marketing. And more.
  • Life Issues. Expand awareness. Consider new perspectives. Explore possibilities. Get context. Set direction. Make more-informed choices.
  • Empowerment. Develop the skills and know-how to meet challenges and create a life, mission or business that serves you in a changing world.
  • AI Ethics & Liability. AI holds great promise, but also great peril. Let me help you navigate the ethical, liability and other issues involving your use and/or implementation of AI in your affairs.

If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you so. And if you want, I’ll try to refer you to someone who can. You just have to ask.

Whatever the nature of your situation, my 45+ years in law and business combined with the insights and perspectives of the inner way can help you develop projects, hone your mission, troubleshoot issues and overcome obstacles that are getting you down and holding you back.

It starts with a FREE 20-minute consultation to see if my help is right for you.