You don’t have to go it alone. I offer advice to help you take your next step and overcome the obstacles in your way. Schedule a FREE consultation today.

What’s it cost?

I offer a free 20-minute initial consultation to all new clients. Additional consultations take about an hour, and are $300 each.

Discounted multi-session rates are also available:

  • $500 for a monthly 2-pack, with consultations held every-other week.
  • For an additional $100 (normally $250), you can add ongoing Q&A by SMS or WhatsApp.
  • $1,000 per month, which includes weekly sessions AND SMS Q&A as needed. This is my most popular option.
  • For other services, see my pricing page.

Please note that my retainer program requires a minimum 3-month commitment.

Consultations are held by phone (or via Skype or Zoom on request). I’ll call you at the number you provide at the appointed hour. It should take around an hour.

Be sure to tell me a little about you and your matter in the notes or comments section of your booking. It will give me context and allow me to prepare for our conversation.

What does it cover?

I’ve got a diverse background, so feel free to discuss any of your questions or needs. Awakening. Activating your contribution. Developing or troubleshooting your mission. Life plans. Life possibilities. Law consulting. Strategic planning. Problem solving. Spiritual questions. Life threads and life lessons. Karmic issues. Applied spirituality. Finding direction. Exploring ethics. Overcoming obstacles. AI issues. Being at peace. Finding ikigai. And more. If you don’t see what you need, text me and ask.


Understand that I am not solicitng legal representation, business or AI consulting or any do it for you (whatever it is) service. Rather, my intent is to give you insight and perspective, advise you on the matters at hand, and when possible, empower you to address them yourself. Should you follow any such advice, you agree to release and hold me harmless for any loss or liability occasioned thereby, including negligence.

TEXT ME via SMS or WHAT’S APP through the icon in the lower right of your screen if you have any questions before booking, or just go ahead and schedule your session.