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– john

Hi, John here.

We live in difficult times. Darkness is spreading across the land and bringing many challenges for us all. Not the least of those are struggle and conflict that impair our ability to stand against the storm and live lives that serve us.

I offer a way through the fear and uncertainty, and increased ability to go your own way to build a life that serves you, and the world.

It involves knowing yourself, getting clear on your intentions and addressing the things that hold you back. That often involves a deep dive into both the inner and outer factors at play, their causes, and the possibilities they reveal.

Through the Socratic method I’ll guide you to greater clarity and choice along with meaning, purpose and direction through the obstacles that steal your peace and block your way.

As you may know, I’m a retired lawyer, sensei and spiritual teacher, and have built my life around empowering others to build a better tomorrow. So I’ll probably draw on many disciplines and approaches to help you overcome your obstacles and get where you want to go.

So when the going gets tough, just remember. You don’t have to go it alone.

What’s it cost?

Rates vary depending on whether you purchase a single session or one of my monthly or quarterly coaching programs. Ask Each session lasts about an hour. Please pay in advance.

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