From Law to Light: Wholeness and Conscious Growth Through Business Coaching

For those feeling an urge to serve or strike out on their own, peace can be fleeting until you do what you feel you need to do. Breathing life into your vision involves skills and know-how that can test your limits. The expertise I’ve developed over my life in law, business, and personal growth can fill in the gaps, so you can focus on manifesting what you want.

My focus is on self-empowerment, conscious leadership, ethical business practices, and integrating spiritual principles into the business world. My goal is to help you build a better tomorrow, for yourself and for us all.

A Conscious, Holistic Approach

Whether you’re launching a new business, or troubleshooting or expanding an existing one, I can help you expand both yourself and your bottom line to build a better tomorrow.

Taking a conscious approach to business demands a recognition that HOW you go about your efforts matters just as much as the bottom line you’re trying to build. For if your efforts are not integrated and aligned with who you are and reflect what you’re all about, it’s hard to be fulfilled, much less achieve the success you want. And as any small business owner knows, what goes on in you or in your life can carryover to derail the best laid plans. Being a conscious leader means somehow finding a way to pull all of it together in the same direction if you’re to get where you want to go.

My business coaching takes a conscious, holistic approach to supporting your entrepreneurial vision. I consider the whole person – mind, body, spirit – including your business idea as well as where it fits into the life you’re living and the catalysts you’ve faced (and continue to face) along the way. Together we’ll:

  • Clarify your core values, life purpose, and how your business aligns with them
  • Infuse consciousness, purpose and vision into your operations
  • Consider ethical, social and environmental issues impacting or impacted by your operations, staffing and business relationships
  • Address inner blocks, limitations, fears or other inner conditions holding you back
  • Use me as a sounding board and source of insight to explore new ideas and weigh approaches to challenging problems
  • Draw upon your intuition, inner awareness and inner wisdom to guide your efforts,
  • Apply spiritual principles to walk your talk and work toward a better tomorrow

Comprehensive Business Guidance

In addition to inner work, I provide hands-on business consulting across all aspects of launching and running a successful venture:

  • Business model, competitive analysis, financial projections, technology integration
  • Marketing strategy, branding, web design, social media
  • Critiquing, creating or updating your website design and function, content and digital presence
  • Strategic relationships, negotiating strategies, contract considerations, , compliance
  • Overcoming obstacles, contingency planning, estate planning and exit strategies

Custom Programs to Meet Your Needs

My flexible coaching packages allow us to focus on your unique needs and priorities:

  • Conscious Creation Journey: 6 months of biweekly sessions to clarify your vision and align your life purpose with business goals.
  • Entrepreneurial Mastery: 3 months of weekly sessions providing comprehensive business strategy and hands-on implementation.
  • Single Session Guidance: Individual coaching sessions to address specific issues and opportunities.

Are you ready to manifest your purpose and share your gifts with the world? Let’s talk about how business coaching can help you get there. Request a free consultation to discuss your vision.