Mission Coaching for Awakening Servers

If you’re an awakening server and your life or mission isn’t going the way you want it to, maybe I can help.

For a quarter-century I’ve called awakening souls into service of a higher calling, in the process empowering them to get clear on their visions and overcome the obstacles in their way.

From books and blogs to public advocacy and personal empowerment, I support your choice to walk the path of light and add your contribution to the collective consciousness that creates this reality.

Our world deserves better than the abuse, corruption and conflict in which it is drowning. You’re here to help change that. But sometimes life — or circumstance — gets in the way.

So who’s going to help you? I am, in a six-month program of biweekly consultations to get clear on your vision and overcome the obstacles holding you back.

What’s it cost?

  • $2,500 in advance (save $1,100 off the single session price, or $250 off monthly payments);
  • $550 per month for five months (the sixth month is included without additional cost); or
  • $300 per session for single sessions

Don’t keep banging your head against the wall, perpetuating failure and fueling frustrations. Get your mission on track today.

Use the button to the right (below on Mobile) to schedule yours.