Strategic Planning for Your AI Implementation

Artificial intelligence offers exciting possibilities to expand ourselves and our capabilities in this world. Let me help you seize its opportunities and make it work for you.

Here are just a few things we can discuss:

  • AI strategy development: Helping clients to understand where AI fits into their overall business strategy, identifying areas where AI could drive value, and creating a plan for implementing AI solutions.
  • AI adoption and implementation: Helping clients to adopt AI technologies, from selecting the right tools and platforms to training and deploying the AI models.
  • AI ethics and governance: Providing guidance on ethical considerations around AI, including privacy, bias, transparency, and accountability.

But wait. There more!

  • Evaluating your digital presence/marketing strategy and suggesting low-effort improvements
  • Answering common questions or providing broad advice in areas like HR, legal, financing
  • Explaining chatbots and suggesting simple automation tools for daily administrative tasks
  • Provide guidance on selecting and working with AI assistant models
  • Advise on preparing marketing content like blog posts, lead magnets, landing pages, website pages, brochures, social profiles and social media posts
  • Advise on AI applications, implementation and operational strategies
  • Advise on ethical issues, overcoming bias and lack of transparency, and establishing safeguards and standards
  • Law consulting on user agreements, insurance, liability, privacy, and intellectual property rights

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