Improving Your AI Prompts and Output

This is where the rubber meets the road, or more particularly, where you or your staff interact with your designated AI Assistant to elicit the output and action you want.

Perhaps the most obvious example is using AI to answer questions that you would normally google through your browser search engine. You ask your question and it spits out your answer. Sometimes it even gives you back exactly what you want.

Unfortunately, rarely do you know what it based its answer on or how it arrived at it. Some AI like Perplexity will provide links, but rarely are they comprehensive enough to get a complete picture.

As the number of parameters or complexity of the issue grows, so does the risk of incomplete or non-responsive answers.

Learning to give good prompts and knowing how to drill down for more is not something that comes naturally. Trial and error plays a role. But so does your background and experience, as well as your critical thinking skills to know what to look for and when to dig deeper to generate the response that meets your needs.

I can provide coaching to speed things along and have a better AI experience. With my help you can hone your AI skills through better prompting, critical thinking and self-awareness to generate the responsive output you need from your AI Assistant.

Schedule a consultation when you’re ready to get more from your AI Assistant. Help is just a click away.