AI Liability – Protecting Your Rights and Interests


As you know, I’m a lawyer (mostly retired now). During my career I had the privilege of seeing legal liability from all sides. Whether it was protecting companies or pursuing claims for the injured, liability concerns were ever-present. It comes into play at all stages — planning, negotiating, writing contracts, establishing standards of care and their violations through negligence or intentional acts. Always the question is who pays, why and how much. Obviously the goal for the payer is to minimize the damage. For the one harmed, it’s to be made whole.

AI raises a whole range of potential liabilities not widely recognized. And it also involves some that everyone knows about, like privacy and intellectual property rights.

It’s important to understand and navigate the complex issues of AI and the technology field to preserve your rights, IT assets, business workflows, and personal and business interests. Some of them are discussed below. I’d be happy to speak with you about them or other matters impacting your affairs and provide whatever guidance I can.

Please note that I’m here to provide advisory and law consulting services, not to solicit legal business or litigation. My goal is to offer you an overview for decision-making and protection of your interests, and I may refer you to other counsel for specialized legal services as needed.

Privacy, IP, and Liability Issues:

In the world of AI, privacy, intellectual property (IP), and liability are crucial aspects. I’ll discuss these topics comprehensively to help you make informed decisions and protect your interests. We’ll explore how AI can impact privacy, the importance of safeguarding your IP, and understanding liability issues associated with AI technologies and applications.

Legal Claims and AI:

I’ll guide you through the legal claims that may arise due to AI, including those involving injuries, losses, or secondary liability caused by AI systems, their outputs, and potentially malicious operators. Understanding these legal aspects is vital in today’s AI-driven landscape.

AI Contracts and Insurance:

AI contracts and insurance coverage play a significant role in mitigating risks. I’ll explain how to review AI contracts, including fee structures, payment terms, and conditions. We’ll also delve into AI insurance coverages, exceptions, and exclusions, ensuring that you’re adequately protected against unforeseen events.

AI Provider Contracts:

Choosing the right AI provider is essential for your business. I’ll help you navigate AI provider contracts and understand the terms and conditions. By evaluating these contracts thoroughly, you can make informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

Positioning as a Legal and Ethical Expert:

My background in law, coupled with my passion for AI and ethical considerations, positions me as an expert you can trust who can guide you through these complex matters. I’ll provide insights into the ethical dimensions of AI and how they relate to your business practices.


In our AI liability consultations, my aim is to be both friendly and professional, explaining concepts in a way that anyone can understand. Together, we’ll work to safeguard your rights, IT assets, business workflows, and personal interests in the ever-evolving world of AI. If you need specialized legal services, I can refer you to experts in the relevant legal specialties. Your protection and informed decision-making are my top priorities

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