Hi, I’m John.

I’m a guy who sees things differently than most. It allows me to share insight and perspective on the issues and obstacles that block your way, the causal factors that make things the way they are, and how you might better meet your challenges to get where you want to go.

Free will is a strange thing. The power of choice brings a heavy burden, often leading us into conflicts of wills and desires with others who want something else. Expanding awareness allows us to exercise that choice with responsibility and restraint, and empowers us to better navigate the minefield of obstacles that crop up along the way.

I write, speak and offer guidance to move through the darkness so you can build a better tomorrow, and use the conflicts and catalysts life serves up to know yourself and become more.

Whether your focus is upon the affairs of your life, those of your world, or your journey inward to the source of your being, I’ll try to help you find and follow the path carved just for you.

I hope to empower you with more choice over where you’re going and how you get there. It is my labor of love in service of the Creator that’s calling us home, and using our lives to point the way.

Over the years I’ve done extensive work to provide this illumination, and created several projects to address different elements, principles and applications of my message. They include:

  • Traveling the spiritual path in a material world by following your inner voice (WhisperZone.org)
  • Finding and being at peace and creating it in your world (PeaceOptions.com)
  • Developing yourself by disciplining mind, body and spirit through home karate training (GojuatHome.com)
  • Expanding consciousness for greater choice in the exercise of free will (Red Pill Chronicles hosted at DennisonRocks.com) and
  • Empowerment to know yourself and see things in a different way (this blog/website)

They will help you see things another way and try on some new perspectives for size.

In addition, I offer consultations to assist those who are blocked or struggle as they journey through a world locked in darkness and conflict.

While I’m now retired, I’d be remiss in omitting my background including decades practicing law. Below I’ve provided a glimpse into how I got where I am today.

Thanks for visiting.

Career Essentials

I started practicing law in 1977 in Ohio, and later Florida.  It was a varied practice that some would call general, but it was really more a matter of several areas of specialization. They included negligence and wrongful death; estate planning and probate; corporate and business law; real estate, leasing, construction and development; and various areas of civil litigation.

Over the course of time, I sat on boards (business, charitable and education), raised money, coached little league and did all the little things an active community member did.

I also consulted, too,  since 1996, on a whole host of matters, including startups, technology, project development and other issues.

I would be remiss not to tell you that way back when I wrote a book about the spiritual path and the inner voice. It’s called, Whispers in the Silence — Living by the Light of Your Soul. It’s not available on Amazon or bookstores any more, but you can find it in my resource link above. After all, I’d been a student of the eastern arts for most of my life, and that was the culmination of a path I started in the martial arts even before the law took hold. It and my other spiritual work was an avocation of love that continues to this day.

A series of severe illnesses nearly took me out. The worst of which included several months in the hospital in 2013 with pancreatic sepsis during which I nearly died, with a long period of recovery followed by many surgeries over several years. That put an end to my practice of law.

After my health crashed, I retired from the bar, though several years later I re-applied just to keep open the option if the need arose in the future.

Now I focus on giving back all that I have received. It is a labor of love and light, guided by the whispers within.

If you find any of what I offer of value, perhaps you will consider donating to support my efforts. Consultations are also available for those who want more.

God bless you indeed.