I write — and I know things.

I’m a retired lawyer, spiritual guide and AI enthusiast, and I write and speak on building a better tomorrow. Artificial intelligence is a big part of my focus at the moment, since it offers so much promise — and peril — for us, our lives and our world.

Most of all, I am a disciple of the light and a follower of my inner voice. They led me to explore AI as a tool to achieve ikigai, a Japanese term for that place where passion and purpose intersect profit and the interest of others.

At first I fell into old patterns. Ethics and applications took the fore. AI integration to solve common business problems quickly followed. But as those unfolded, I discovered my interest was less on re-entering the business world than it was creating resources by which others could find more joy, passion and empowerment in their own endeavors.

I go where my inner voice leads, empowered by AI, testing it all with my intuition and adjusting course almost daily. The goal for me is my own ikigai, which is knowing myself and going my own way, while empowering others to do the same. AI is a tool to get there.

Here I go to who knows where, creating whatever posts and resources Spirit inspires me to create along the way. They started with a decidedly business focus, but truly I don’t know where it leads from here. Hopefully in some small way my meanderings can help you find a way to do whatever it is you want to do.

Ikigai is the guiding principle behind it all. May you find yours as we make this journey together.

I offer a FREE consultation if you need help, whether in your own AI endeavors or in finding the path that’s right for you.

God bless you indeed.

Oh, for those who are interested in how I got here, my story is below. It’s a picture of where I was led through life and some of the contributions I made along the way.

Career Essentials

I’m not that guy any more, but for those who want to know I got here, read on

I started practicing law in 1977 in Ohio, and later Florida.  It was a varied practice that some would call general, but it was really more a matter of several areas of specialization.

Besides legal services, I also consulted, too, since 1996 on a whole host of matters, including startups, technology, project development and other issues.

Over the course of time, I sat on boards (business, charitable and education), raised money, coached little league and did all the little things an active community member did.

I would be remiss not to tell you that way back when I wrote a book about the spiritual path and the inner voice. It’s called, Whispers in the Silence — Living by the Light of Your Soul. It’s not available on Amazon or bookstores any more, but you can find it in my resource link above. After all, I’d been a student of the eastern arts for most of my life, and that was the culmination of a path I started in the martial arts even before the law took hold. It and my other spiritual work was an avocation of love that continues to this day.

A series of severe illnesses nearly took me out. The worst of which included several months in the hospital in 2013 with pancreatic sepsis during which I nearly died, with a long period of recovery followed by many surgeries over several years. That put an end to my practice of law.

After my health crashed, I retired from the bar, though several years later I re-applied just to keep open the option if the need arose in the future.

Now I focus on giving back all that I have received. It is a labor of love and light, guided by the whispers within.