Hello there, I’m John. Thanks for dropping by.

I’ll be straight with you – I’m not great at introductions. Talking about myself makes me cringe a bit. But let me share a few things that are important to me.

I value independent thinking. I don’t simply follow the herd. I try to see things from different angles and form my own perspectives. And I believe we all benefit when we challenge assumptions and think critically for ourselves.

I’m also on a personal journey to better know myself and understand life’s big questions – why we’re here, how to find meaning, what matters most. The insights I’ve gained have shaped my priorities and outlook.

Here’s one – an inner source whispers from the silence, guiding me through life and inspiring me to help others follow their own.

Here’s another – we’re all connected. Though it’s easy to focus on surface differences, at our core we’re spiritual beings sharing this human experience. I believe if we open our hearts to this truth, it will change how we see and treat one another.

Here’s a third. It’s a no-brainer. We all have to survive, and want to thrive if we can. But life often makes that hard. Somehow we have to find a way.

That’s what I do these days. I help people find a way. Some will. Some won’t.

If you need help, let’s talk.

Career Essentials

I’m not that guy any more, but for those who want to know I got here, read on.

I started practicing law in 1977 in Ohio, and later Florida.  It was a varied practice that some would call general, but it was really more a matter of several areas of specialization.

Besides legal services, I also consulted, too, since 1996 on a whole host of matters, including startups, technology, project development and other issues.

Over the course of time, I sat on boards (business, charitable and education), raised money, coached little league and did all the little things an active community member did.

I would be remiss not to tell you that way back when I wrote a book about the spiritual path and the inner voice. It’s called, Whispers in the Silence — Living by the Light of Your Soul. It’s not available on Amazon or bookstores any more, but you can find it in my resource link above. After all, I’d been a student of the eastern arts for most of my life, and that was the culmination of a path I started in the martial arts even before the law took hold. It and my other spiritual work was an avocation of love that continues to this day.

A series of severe illnesses nearly took me out. The worst of which included several months in the hospital in 2013 with pancreatic sepsis during which I nearly died, with a long period of recovery followed by many surgeries over several years. That put an end to my practice of law.

After my health crashed, I retired from the bar, though several years later I re-applied just to keep open the option if the need arose in the future.

Now I focus on giving back all that I have received. It is a labor of love and light, guided by the whispers within.