Some people just want to fight. I used to. I was a lawyer for a long time, and was pretty good at it. Best of all, I met and served a lot of great people along the way.

To me, this is a world of conflict. I am a student of the stuff, or more precisely, how to get to a state of peace when it is thrust upon us.

Besides my law practice, I’ve explored the relationship between peace and conflict from many approaches.

Always it has been about going your own way when others are headed somewhere else or try to stop you.

Red Pill Chronicles is my podcast where I share a spiritual perspective on living in a blue pill world, and how to take an inner approach to our outer affairs, both to advance our spiritual journey and have more peace along the way.

At WhisperZone I blog about awakening, the inner voice and traveling the spiritual path. And at PeaceOptions I show how to find peace in your time.

The object of conflict as I see it is to create a space for peace, even in combat. So I also teach goju-ryu karate, supplemented with softness and movement from internal Chinese styles like tai chi and ba gua, with some pent jat silat and wing chun thrown in as well. Besides preparing students to defend attacks, it keeps me young and pays forward all I learned and became over the years.

Whatever your conflict, I’d be happy to try to help. Just remember. You don’t have to go it alone.