So You Say You Want Peace

You say you want peace and prosperity in your life and in the world around you.

Yet how can that be, when you cling so tightly to the underpinnings of a status quo that keeps bringing so much struggle and conflict, and so little of what you want?

"Who, me?" you ask. "It's not my fault things are the way they are!"

But you're wrong, my friend. You have within you the very things that hold it in place, among which include:

  • the blinders of your perspectives and restrictions of your beliefs;
  • the desire to serve your own interests, and the inherent conflict between serving self vs. others or God;
  • the tendency to fight to defend your self-image and assert what you think you know and how you see things;
  • a readiness to impose your will on others to get what you want or avoid what you don't;
  • an unwillingness to accept the imperfections of others and allow them to be as they are, even while ignoring the influence of your own;
  • the limitations of your ability to communicate; and
  • the illusions you use to keep you from truly knowing who you are and what your life is (or can be) about.

Until you loosen their hold on you and shift into other ways of conducting your life, these attributes will continue to flow into the collective consciousness that creates our world.

Worse, it will keep bringing you more challenges through which to see and overcome them.

So if you want your outer world to change, look instead for what you're doing inside to keep it the way it is.

I'm here to provide you with a source of perspective and possibility to bring more choice -- and peace -- into your life. If and when you're ready to begin that journey, I invite you to explore some of the offerings linked above.

God bless you indeed.