Introduction - A Life of Discontent

Excerpted from Whispers in the Silence - Living by the Light of Your Soul
by John Dennison - (c) copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved

Whispers in the Silence
Living By the Light of Your Soul

This is a life of discontent. We do not know ourselves, much less the God of which we have been taught since childhood. We crave peace, but do not know what that peace looks like, much less how to find it. We long for happiness, but know only the few minutes of pleasure that fortuitously come our way. We search for meaning and direction in our lives, and to find fulfillment in what we do. And we hope against hope that the death of these bodies will not bring the end of our existence.

We suffer this discontent because our minds are turned outward, deaf to the voice that whispers from the silence within. Our inner world is ignored; we are either unaware of its existence or take it for granted because we do not know that is where we are meant to be. Caught in the swirling outer storms that fill our days, we struggle from moment to moment just to survive, unable to know or serve the very reason for our being here in this world.

So caught up are we in this outer world that we fill our lives in pursuit of money and things, along with a few relationships created by our circumstances of birth or choice. We know they will not bring us the peace we crave, yet we cast our fate to the winds of materialism in hope its mantra will fill our inner void. So we chase our needs and desires, all the while gathering experiences that we tuck safely away in our banks of memories until we dutifully pull them out for review. Knowing no better, we raise our children to blindly follow our course and so succeeding generations can do more of the same. These are the lives we build for ourselves. Is there any wonder we are not content?

It would be bad enough if these were personal problems limited to our own dissatisfaction with life. Unfortunately, they shape the world in which we live, rippling outward to color all within our reach. From our families to the social groups to which we belong, our discord sows its seeds in every relationship we touch. Anger and conflict mark the days of our lives, yet we know neither from where they come nor how to deal with them. Worse, our selfish and hollow ways are reflected in the communities and nations in which we live, and spread outward to fuel the conflicts between nations in our world.

There is another way!

Peace will be yours if you seek it. When you find it, a whole new world will open before you, a world of meaning and purpose for both you and all of mankind. This is the world of the spirit, revealed through the soul.

Much of what you hear will seem strange. Then again, isn’t every new thing strange until it becomes familiar? But some of what you hear will not be strange at all, and will trigger feelings you have hidden inside and suppressed for so long.

This book is a story of hope; it maps the journey on which that hope will take you. It is a journey to know yourself, and in so knowing to undertake the great transformation that paves the way for the spirit to act in your life.

You will learn why so many have taught the ways of love, and how its lack shapes our technological world. You will be told of a great wind that blows across the land, and given a peek beyond the dream that now covers your eyes. And you will hear why now is the time for you to awaken from this dream, and the steps you must take to do so. But most of all, you will be taught the “secrets” of the ages so that you can travel the path of learning followed by so many masters before you.

As you learn and apply these secrets, no longer will you see life the same. Your perception of this world will change as you do. And you will change the attitude you bring to life as you experience the wonder of each moment from the perspective of your soul. You will no longer just go through the motions, content to tread day after day in drudgery chasing who-knows-what. Each day will become a new and exciting adventure, sometimes frustrating but always growing in service of your mission in life.

New concepts will be laid before you, some of which will challenge all that you hold dear. Others will pull together the disparate wisdom of the ages from which you have taken a piece here and a piece there to build the foundation of your life. As you learn, perhaps you will even examine your old ways, and with that examination will come a choice. Will you remain as you are, locked in discontent? Or will you begin to consciously walk the path of light and undertake your own transformation? You will suddenly see, perhaps for the first time, that the responsibility for your life is yours, shaped by the decisions you make, and the direction in which you apply your zest for living.

I will not attempt to solve the problems of your life, for that would do you a great disservice by enabling your dependency on the outer world. However, I will help you discover the answers so you can fix them for yourself. Your voyage is one of self-discovery, through which all that you need will be revealed.

You will examine the underpinnings of your life, and decide if they serve your journey. If not, you will learn how to choose what should replace them. Emotions, health, personality characteristics, work, recreation, and relationships will all be fair game as you finally see those aspects of you that they reflect. For though you will work in this outer world, you can only know it by first knowing you. And when you see something in it that needs changed, you will know you can do so only by first changing yourself.

This journey requires preparation. It will ask you to look at yourself not as you see in the mirror, but as you hide deep inside the recesses of your being. It will help you shine a light into those nooks and crannies, and open the doors to free the monsters from which you cower in fear. One by one you will confront them, conquering each in turn. As you do, you will construct a new tomorrow from the ground up in which you will thrive. That tomorrow will not have you at the center of its universe. No longer will you see things only in the light of your own self-interest. Instead, you will see yourself a cog in a greater whole, serving your God and all of humanity to build the world of the future.

Through your effort on yourself, the world will advance and you will make it a better place for all. But only by your own transformation can it change, one heart, one mind, and one soul at a time.

Most of all, you will find that most precious of substances—love. You will learn to use it, and reflect it in every word and deed of your life. As you do, it will magically melt the walls that separate you from the others in your life. And through your love, you will reshape the world.

Know this well before you start. You do not undertake this journey out of some altruistic sense of service to the world. That would be nice, but that is not its purpose. You undertake the inner voyage for you and you alone. You will do it for the peace it brings you, and the warmth of knowing for the first time in your life why you are here, and what you are called to do. No one can do it for you. The effort must be yours. Patient and persistent must you become, working each moment of every day to weave the lessons later set forth into the fabric of your life.

Come. Find the peace to which you are now a stranger. Map your inner unknown. You will be glad you did.

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