Overview of what I might offer you (with video)

I don't know about you, but one of the hardest things for me is trying to fit myself into a nice neat little package for others to know what I'm about and what I might offer them.

It's really a confusing process at times, because to me there's no separation among the many aspects of myself and my effort in the world. Nevertheless, trying to communicate it clearly can be quite difficult, for me at least.

Back during my law practice days, some of my most uncomfortable moments were at networking events when someone would ask, "So what do you specialize in?"

That would have been easy if I'd had a single area of practice. But like my personality, I didn't. I had several areas in which I served my clients. And I didn't know which one to tell them about.

So either I fell back on the generic, "I'm a lawyer and practice in many areas," or I had to guess what they might need and picked something that may or may not have been appropriate.

Anyway, I"m still working through those same issues today, just in another area of expression. Nevertheless, I'm trying to articulate it in a way that ties it altogether without negating or neglecting any particular aspect of my work.

Here's a YouTube video I just did where I tried to explain it. Let me know how I did.