Inner Training

Energy subsists everything. Its use and understanding are essential to higher levels of physical and spiritual achievement. We meet online for Cultivation Practice multiple times a month (currently varies).

Practice includes principles and practices of working with energy (qi or ki), meditation, knowing yourself, connecting with source, drawing on your inner energies, and harmonizing your energies for greater peace in your affairs.

Cost: TBD

Outer Training

Our Goju Ryu Karate Club meets 3x /wk in Coral Springs, FL. We currently practice at my home during COVID lockdown. New members are welcome to join us, subject to appropriate health protections and local restrictions.

We train in traditional karate do (emphasis on character building and physical proficiency). It includes karate basics, movement, prearranged sparring, free-style sparring, and kata.

Cost: $25 /month

Peace Training

Our world is spiraling rapidly into conflict that threatens to take us all down with it.

PeaceOptions is home for my blog and other content on finding peace in your time.  It involves meeting conflict in a better way, knowing yourself, addressing the things that steal your peace, and laying a foundation upon which to build something better.

Membership is currently CLOSED, but there are hundreds of articles and other materials there to get you started.

Cost: TBD; FREE to read and browse.