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Individuality vs. the Status Quo

Yesterday I tried to give you a glimpse into me so that you might better understand yourself. It is this self-knowing that is key not only to your spiritual advancement, but also to your ability to consciously work with and within your outer reality.

Some of my past lives were mentioned only because they are part of the totality of who I am and relate to the "sense of culmination" I described. It involves applying the collective perspectives and understandings of those lives to the situations of this one.

Icing on the Cake

I recently lost an uncle to whom I was very close, and since his passing have been dealing with all the emotions and issues that arise in such times. It has, to say the least, been a vivid reminder of the temporal nature of these lives we live. After all, not even another breath is promised to any of us.

His death brought the realization of how fleeting life really is when events past are viewed from the perspective of now, and that the mortality at issue wasn't just his.

Taking One for the Team

Chaos and conflict are rapidly pushing our world to the breaking point, triggering fears the prophesies of doom may be right. Rather than cry “woe is me” and wring your hands in the night, now is the time to prepare yourself for the mantle you long ago agreed to assume.

You have worked diligently to learn the ways of love and light, but you know there is so much farther to go. Not to worry. Your expansion will continue as your service evolves.

Still, the time has come to look at your life in another way, to see it from the scope of the big picture so that the events of your life can take on meaningful context.

So You Say You Want Peace

You say you want peace and prosperity in your life and in the world around you.

Yet how can that be, when you cling so tightly to the underpinnings of a status quo that keeps bringing so much struggle and conflict, and so little of what you want?

"Who, me?" you ask. "It's not my fault things are the way they are!"

But you're wrong, my friend. You have within you the very things that hold it in place, among which include:

How Can We Find Our Way With So Many Forces Pushing Us in So Many Directions?

We come into 3D world to create the lives we need, but no one teaches us how to do that. Perhaps in those moments when the one we're living doesn't feel so right, it might help to consider just what we've gotten ourselves into.

As we look at our lives from an energetic perspective, we can see that the path to where we are today is the result of a complex blend of forces, each interacting upon the others to steer us down the road of life.

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