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Change your world

A Manifesto for an Awakening World

"To build a new world, change the way you see the one you're in, and upon those new perspectives lay a foundation of principles and practices to support the one you crave." - John

We hold these truths to be self-evident, by which all who choose may live:

  1. We are joined by common intention to build lives inspired by the voice that speaks within, and make whatever contribution it calls us to add to our world.
  2. We seek to know ourselves a little better in every moment.
  3. We honor ourselves, each other, and the source of life within all.
  4. We allow all things to be as they are created, and look for the value in every person, situation, perspective, and belief.
  5. We accept and preserve the right of every soul to go its own way while we go ours.
  6. We speak our truth despite all obstacles with patience, persistence, and loving kindness, without filter, restriction, or imposition on others.
  7. We act for others’ expansion and not at their expense.
  8. We listen compassionately to those who struggle, suffer, or are in pain, and act on our inner urges to help.
  9. We look for the divinity within all despite the egoic filters and distortions that keep us apart.
  10. We accept responsibility for our choices and perceptions, and how they shape our lives.
  11. We encourage each other to dream and create the visions of our souls, and to live in accord with our highest aspirations.
  12. We keep no secrets about the inner ways, and hold their truths open to all.

Upon these principles we can build a better world. And so it is.

Individuality vs. the Status Quo

Yesterday I tried to give you a glimpse into me so that you might better understand yourself. It is this self-knowing that is key not only to your spiritual advancement, but also to your ability to consciously work with and within your outer reality.

Some of my past lives were mentioned only because they are part of the totality of who I am and relate to the "sense of culmination" I described. It involves applying the collective perspectives and understandings of those lives to the situations of this one.

Taking One for the Team

Chaos and conflict are rapidly pushing our world to the breaking point, triggering fears the prophesies of doom may be right. Rather than cry “woe is me” and wring your hands in the night, now is the time to prepare yourself for the mantle you long ago agreed to assume.

You have worked diligently to learn the ways of love and light, but you know there is so much farther to go. Not to worry. Your expansion will continue as your service evolves.

Still, the time has come to look at your life in another way, to see it from the scope of the big picture so that the events of your life can take on meaningful context.

The Responsibility of Freedom

It's not enough to simply be free. For freedom means little if we never exercise it, instead allowing ourselves to be herded like sheep toward whatever destination our "shepherds" set for us, or our ability to set our own course impeded by excessive law or regulation.

For one reason or another, many of us have quietly gone along with the mainstream flow. But the time is swiftly approaching when we can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch it happen. Now that flow looks like it's headed over a cliff and taking us along with it.

Obstacle to Community

I just got off the phone with a friend discussing our Lightbeaerer dinner group, and the direction to go with our local gatherings. It was quite eye-opening to see that I have been an obstacle to the manifestation of my own vision of community.

Laura and I started inviting friends to meet over a monthly dinner a couple years ago to discuss issues of community. I was hearing an inner call (as well as an outer one from an esoteric source) to take my discussions on community to a new level.

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