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Change your world

How Do We Change the Status Quo?

Change Jam QuestionsChangemakers want to make a difference. They see something that doesn't sit right with them, and they try to do something about it.

But in order to avoid being like the little Dutch boy who stuck his fingers in the holes in the dike in hopes of averting a catastrophe, we need to look beneath the surface to understand what's going on that's causing the things we want to fix, and address the causes that make them that way.

What does community have to do with your mission?


You may be working for a better tomorrow, but that work doesn't happen in a vacuum. Social impact is not something that we push off to an uncertain future; it is what happens in the here and now when we bring our best to the moment.

Nowhere is that more important than when considering the issue of community, your impact upon it, as well as its effect upon you, your life and service.

I'm not talking about bringing together those you serve in some kumbaya activity that allows them to draw on each other's strengths and add support in areas of weakness.

Neither am I speaking about connecting with other servers who are also adding their contribution, whatever the form it may take.

These are both extremely important to the mission entrepreneur, and I highly recommend you remain open to both possibilities in making a difference.

Today, however, let's look instead at community on a slightly broader scale -- the locale in which you live, and the issues those who live there confront in their daily affairs.

Do You Really Think an Election Will Change the Way Business is Done in Washington?

moneyIt's all a shell game, and we're the ones being manipulated by these elections into believing our choice -- or for that matter ANY choice -- will make a difference in the way our system is run.

Blueprint for a New America

Blueprint for a New AmericaThe battle of the extremes is well under way, with both sides espousing positions intended to inflame passions and enlist the people in their quest to wield the reigns of power.

Many who are awakening want no part of their war, yet have no idea where else to hang their hat in the search to solve today's problems and build a better tomorrow.

As result, too often they withdraw from the process and allow the games to continue. All the while their cynicism grows, and their anger with government and the ruling elite is quickly nearing the point of boiling over.

I see another way, and recognize current frustrations as indicators that conditions are ripening to build the kind of country (and world) we truly want to live in.

But as always, to get there will require a shift in perspective and the willingness to explore new possibilities. And most of all, setting our collective intention to get there.

I'm now sharing my vision for our collective future, and in the process holding out hope for that a better tomorrow is within reach of us all.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events or check our calendar where I will lay out the vision, or contact me to discuss a private presentation with your group.

Sovereignty of the Self

Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson was a guy who also talked about individual self-determination as the key to creating a better world.

He espoused the idea all men were endowed by God with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Too bad he left slaves off that list. He didn't say much about women, either. I guess he wanted to leave some work for the rest of us.

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