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Change your world

Armageddon's Coming -- Will You Sit This One Out?

A great war is brewing, and there will be hell to pay if we keep going on the way we are.

There, I said it. You don't know how long I've avoided hitting that nail on the head. Not that I didn't know it was there. Just that I didn't want to sound like an alarmist, or look like the guy who walks the streets with a sign board that shouts, "Judgment Day is here!"

I've always tried to move toward a higher vision, rather than away from pain. And that's the way I practiced law and went about sharing a new foundation on which to build better lives and a better world.

But I've come to the conclusion most don't want to see those things, much less understand the meaning of life or the challenges life brings. So I guess it's time for me to speak their language.

We are in a war for the soul of humanity. Unfortunately, most only see things in their own self-interest without knowing what that interest really is. Or why it is there.

What does institutional degradation and the decline of the West have to do with your mission?

This is a fabulous presentation at Stanford by public finance historian Niall Ferguson. He goes into a wide range of factors affecting the rise of the East and decline of the West. And behind much of that degradation, the failure of our systems and institutions to provide a suitable environment for growth, income and standard of living.

It will surprise you. And make you think.

More of my review follows beyond the fold. Click on the title to read more.

Anyway, here's the video for those who want to cut straight to the chase.

The Pain and the Promise

For a long time you've experienced the pain of dealing with a world that makes life hard, that requires conflict and struggle as the tools of daily existence.

You've had to make many difficult choices just to get by and carve out a life that has worked for you, albeit not always as you would have liked.

Along the way, it's exacted a heavy toll. Perhaps on your health. Or finances. Or relationships. Or maybe just on your peace and happiness.

Social Responsibility and Social Consciousness for Changemakers

Balance of natureJust because you're already trying to serve doesn't mean you're immune from attack by the thought police or those who think you should go to great extremes to prove your commitment to building a better world.

The indicia of social consciousness and responsibility can be found all around. In fact, an entire cottage industry is emerging designed to advance the cause of doing good.

Don't get me wrong. I'm part of that group, and I wholeheartedly support their efforts to raise the consciousness of all to work toward rectifying the problems we've created for ourselves.

The problem is, when you're starting your mission, it's easy to get distracted by all the noise and detoured from the task at hand -- developing a viable, sustainable mission that makes the difference you're called to make. If you get caught up in all the good intentions (that too often come with mountains of paperwork, not to mention overhead and consultants like me to help you sort through it all), you just might find yourself falling along the wayside, unable to help anyone despite your best efforts and intentions.

There's only so much energy and attention we all have, and to build a mission requires a single-mindedness of focus that allows you to cut through the noise and do what needs to be done, without becoming detoured by all the things that you'd like to do or could be done.

In short, your mission will tell you what it needs. It will come with its own set of principles and perspectives, and to them you must be true.

What Do the Upcoming U.S. Elections Mean for Mission Entrepreneurs?

Obama vs. Romney 2012The Republican National Convention just wrapped up last night rallying support for their man Mitt Romney. At the other extreme, the Democrats are on deck next week to try to reup Obama for another four years.

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