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Change your world

Living Life on the Edge

The law of this universe is free will -- choice by sentient beings over how they create, process and interact with their reality.

That freedom of choice has been usurped, impaired and eroded in so many ways -- just think of your last interaction where one person tried to impose their will upon another. Love is the means to reconcile those choices, a recognition that everyone has the right to go their own way, and the motivation to find a way to do that.

Too many, however, find domination and control their preferred way to interact with their environment; they have learned the power of the dark side to manipulate things to their advantage. All of us have learned this, and adopt it to one extent or another.

Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

ethics photo: Business Ethics Projects businesethics_zps7f0ae343.jpgSometimes the simplest, most obvious choices are the ones we don't want to make. So we keep looking for alternate possibilities and generally focusing on what we think we want instead of what life serves up for us.

I should know. It happened to me. And often still does.

By now you probably know I practiced law for over 35 years. My perspective was as a small business owner providing a service to other individuals and small businesses. I pursued their claims, fought their battles, negotiated their transactions, provided perspective and insight, resolved their conflicts, steered them through problems, and planned their estates.

That all stopped in 2013 when an extended stay in ICU for pancreatitis and sepsis nearly took me out and left me with an even longer period of recovery. No more law. No more spiritual teaching. No more writing or speaking on peace or making a difference.

It was if the old me died off, and a new one was born.

A New System is Coming. It's Inevitable.


I have a vision for a better tomorrow, and see the possibility that it is nearer than most of us imagine. People are awakening to their connection to others and getting many opportunities to feel the pain of the less fortunate in order to strengthen that bond.

Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

Today I make my stand. I'm not an activist, but there's an issue on a ballot near you that needs your attention. It's about the legalization of marijuana, especially for medicinal purposes.

As a long-standing advocate for the responsible and unrestrained exercise of free will, I could rail against laws that restrict those freedoms. Laws prohibiting pot are among those. But I won't.

Sovereignty of the Self

Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson was a guy who also talked about individual self-determination as the key to creating a better world.

He espoused the idea all men were endowed by God with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Too bad he left slaves off that list. He didn't say much about women, either. I guess he wanted to leave some work for the rest of us.

Nevertheless, it is this idea of personal sovereignty that is at work in each of our lives, and its interaction with that of others determines how our relationships unfold and our common affairs are conducted.

One of the great challenges ahead for humanity is the battle between free will and personal sovereignty subordinated to the will of an all-powerful state, manipulated by those with a thirst for money, power or influence.

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