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Meeting challenges

A Heart-Warming Story of Overcoming Adversity

Engaging the Things that Steal Your Peace

Okay. So now you're steeped in peace. Nothing can disturb your reverie, right?

Wanna bet?

No matter how much at peace you think you are, there's always more. There's always a deeper peace waiting.

Finding your state of inner calm is important. In fact, it's going to be essential for you to begin the next step of our journey together -- actually dealing with the things that steal your peace.

Perhaps nothing in your life does. You are like a saint, living with such equilibrium that it doesn't matter to you if your world is collapsing around you.

Do You Recognize When You're Suffering from Mission Block?

On the obstacle course (25)So many things can affect the success of your mission. Most of them have very little to do with external factors.

Here's a list of some of the things that many people experience on their journey to make a difference:

How Do You Get Out If You've Painted Yourself Into a Corner?

DSC04217Let's face it. Sometimes we're our own worst enemies, doing more to sabotage our missions than most outer forces could do on their best day.

Perhaps one of the least understood but most insidious causes of mission block is one that is best described by that old familiar phrase -- painting ourselves into a corner.

Like anyone who's painted a floor knows, you make things a lot easier for yourself if you start at one corner and work toward a door so that you leave yourself an out. But when we do it the other way around, often we don't have an out. Our decisions become limited, and we force ourselves down a trail that probably isn't going to get us out of our mess, much less take us toward where we want to go.

Most of us don't do it that way when launching a mission. Instead, the tendency is to jump in head first and see where it leads. Too often, though, that causes us to bump up against things we've never dealt within us that now rear their ugly heads to derail our best efforts to move forward.

In the case of a mission that isn't serving us very well, I'm referring to the string of decisions and actions that brought us to this point.

Just like the painter with a floor full of wet paint, you are probably going to have to get your feet dirty to get out.

But before you blow up your mission and decide to start over, perhaps it might be a good idea to stop and think about those choices you made that resulted in the predicament you're in today.

Now, there are a thousand little decisions involved in our lives, and the launch and operation of a mission isn't any different. It would be impossible to review each and every one of them.

Besides, being one who tries to leave the past in the past and meet the moment on its own merits, I don't advise dwelling on all the things you could have done differently. Nor do I think you should beat yourself up for them, either.

Still, it is important to understand where you went off course. If you sit quietly and think back over your efforts to date, I suspect you'll find not one but a series of similar situations that arose that resulted in the same kind of action or inaction.

So Many Obstacles

We'd all love a clear path to peace in our lives and in our world. Unfortunately, too often it's blocked with obstacles like:

Sometimes its enough simply to know they're there. That's a very good place to start.

But for most it takes more; they're unable to find peace until those obstacles are removed once and for all.

Even so, no matter what happens, no matter how much they get in your way, keep going. Tomorrow can be a better day.

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