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Knowing yourself

How Do You Relate to Change?

Change is a constant in our world -- and in fact is accelerating as we move into Ascension. Nevertheless, we humans hate it. Because change hurts.

We lock ourselves into beliefs and patterns designed to keep our status quo in place. But when they are threatened or stretched to the breaking point, we're feel the pain that comes with breaking our attachment to the familiar.

Little do we know that status quo by definition must change if it is to keep up with the changes going on in us.

The Quest to Be Whole

Did you ever feel fragmented or compartmentalized, like you had to pick and choose which parts of you to be shown to the world? If so, don't despair.

That's the normal state of human affairs.

We so much want to be accepted or gain some benefit (e.g., profit) from our relations with others that many of our encounters break down into one of two categories:

  • we try to show them what they want to see, or
  • we try to entice them to give us what we want.

Either way, rarely do we let our hair down and show ourselves in our entirety, warts and all.

The Unfinished Business of Your Soul

You have come here many times. And during those visits, you have become so wrapped up in the dramas created for you to experience that you have perhaps forgotten who you really are and what you are about.

Even so, within those lives you have undertaken many threads of experience to examine certain issues from different sides, and in the process add your unique imprint on the collective consciousness of mankind.

The Challenge of Awakening

Awakening to what we are is not usually a matter of an alarm going off and voila, we're wide awake. Rather, it is a process that begins at birth in our "first" life and continues until we complete our "last."

Each stage of that journey brings new challenges for us to experience and explore.

One of the greatest comes with the ego's expanding awareness of its other aspects (e.g., the soul or higher self) vis-a-vis its efforts to deal with the challenges of its life.

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