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Knowing yourself

Finding Your Inner Strength

These last couple years have been challenging ones. My illnesses and hospitalizations took their toll. My recovery was even more so, demanding so much more from me than I thought I had to give.

Yet somehow I found a way, even when I didn't have the strength to go on.

My therapist called it inner strength. Many times he talked to me about it, serving as witness in those moments where I somehow marshaled the will and determination to continue on when I had long since exhausted my limited strength and energy reserves.

A New Dawn is Rising

by John Dennison

Circumstances are ripening for major changes in our world, but they're bringing with them chaos and conflict over the direction for our future.

The world ahead can be a more peaceful and harmonious place, with far less struggle and sacrifice. But it will not come by resisting the energies of change bombarding our world, for resistance brings distortion and manifests greater struggle between the extremes.

How do you define yourself?

Van Gogh's Self-Portrait at the Met (IMG_0635a)One of the biggest challenges facing most mission entrepreneurs is how they define themselves. For most were involved in other pursuits or careers long before they heard their inner call.

With each came a different aspect of their life experience. And most importantly, an expression of their identity, a statement of who they are and what they are about.

This is why it is so hard to change careers -- it inevitably demands we shed old identities and adopt new ones more suited to what we now are and want to become.

Nevertheless, old identities die hard, and their remnants often remain even once the old application is long since gone.

My own life drives home that point.

What's Your Passion?

Buzzword Bingo: PassionWe've become a feel-good nation. Or at least, it seems that way. I hear a lot of people talking about doing what makes you happy. I've been told that many times over the years, and to be honest, have given that advice as well.

But the more I think about it, I'm not sure that's really the test for setting our direction through life. And especially not making it the focus of our missions.

Undertaking a mission can be a grueling process, much of which doesn't fall within most people's definitions of happiness. Like the struggle to support oneself and sustain a mission when every dollar is tied up in a half-baked idea to make a difference for someone -- even when who, what or how isn't always clear, or the way you'd intended it to be.

Don't get me wrong. Happiness is important. It should be high on everyone's list.

But a lot of things can make us happy, and picking just one to the exclusion of others can sometime lead to the opposite result -- unhappiness.

Instead, I suggest the fuel for your mission must be passion. Because only passion will get you through the ups and downs and keep you going long after others would have stopped.

How Can We Find Our Way With So Many Forces Pushing Us in So Many Directions?

We come into 3D world to create the lives we need, but no one teaches us how to do that. Perhaps in those moments when the one we're living doesn't feel so right, it might help to consider just what we've gotten ourselves into.

As we look at our lives from an energetic perspective, we can see that the path to where we are today is the result of a complex blend of forces, each interacting upon the others to steer us down the road of life.

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