Taking One for the Team

Chaos and conflict are rapidly pushing our world to the breaking point, triggering fears the prophesies of doom may be right. Rather than cry “woe is me” and wring your hands in the night, now is the time to prepare yourself for the mantle you long ago agreed to assume.

You have worked diligently to learn the ways of love and light, but you know there is so much farther to go. Not to worry. Your expansion will continue as your service evolves.

Still, the time has come to look at your life in another way, to see it from the scope of the big picture so that the events of your life can take on meaningful context.

So with that said, let us begin today's exploration.

A Matter of Vibration

For so long now you've searched within for the vibration of “me” that you are, and worked to align your life in harmony with it. And as you have, you've discovered deeper and deeper layers of peace that you never knew before.

Now, however, the game of life is changing. No longer is it just about “me.” For as you go deeper to explore your own vibration, you will discover that yours is not just sounding one note. Rather, like a piano key that is comprised of many tones, yours, too, is a composite of many energies all vibrating as the unique harmonic expression that is you.

The deeper you go into the silence, you may realize that it is not silent at all, and that instead a great symphony is being played in which you are a small but significant part.

Now, if you can get even quieter and listen (actually “feel”) more closely, you will begin to recognize that some of the component vibrations that make up your tone help comprise the tones of others as well. Your energetic threads are sown throughout the world, and indeed the universe. The things that make you uniquely you are part of them as well, and vice versa.

This is the concept of oneness, where the energies of the one are so intertwined with the energies of others that any idea of separation is illusory.

As you explore your own inner vibrations and recognize your own harmonic threads within others, perhaps your experience will trigger an inner knowing you've allowed yourself to forget in order to get more out of your time here on earth.

* * * * *

The Effect of Vibrational Changes on Society

As we know, earth is evolving. And those who've chosen to ascend are evolving right along with her.

New energies are flooding our world, working in concert with that inner journey to open the veil separating our inner and outer worlds. As a result, a great wave of consciousness is sweeping across our land, manifesting in many ways that threaten our status quo and the foundations on which we've built our lives.

As that process accelerates, the systems and institutions of our societies will be unable to keep up (we're seeing much of that going on now). More and more hardship and turmoil will result, not to mention struggle and conflict – especially among the polarized forces that fight to impose their own will on how to deal with it.

While those efforts may result in some temporary relief, it will be of little long-term benefit. For it will be like trying to hold together two like-charged ends of powerful magnet. Sooner or later they're bound to push apart and take everything built upon them with it.

Those who are awakening now will have a role to play. While some will help to hold out the vision of where we can go and how we can get there, or lay new foundations on which to build, these will not be the most important contributions.

Rather, those of greatest impact will be the daily lives that we all will have to live. For we will be called to stand tall so others can see us, and live the peaceful vibrations needed to connect to the inner world – and in so doing show them how to do so as well.

No matter our level of understanding or “advancement,” we cannot expect to be spared or find a way out for ourselves or those we love. For while there is always hope that we can overcome the obstacles placed before us, there remains the very real probably that for most of us there will probably be no refuge from the storm, nor a white knight riding up to spare us from the hardship.

Rather, these very difficulties are the reason we're here. And through the way we meet and deal with those situations and the lessons we learn along the way, we become empowered to share them with others and lessen their struggles.

Taking One for the Team

As we used to say in baseball when you tell a kid to stand in there and risk getting hit by a wild pitch to drive in a run with bases loaded, you very well may be asked to “take one for the team.”

And while the team might have benefited from his sacrifice, it didn't hurt the young batter any less.

So you might not want to expect your awakening to save you from the pain. You will need all of your training, all of your strength, and all of your will power to keep going despite the problems that may afflict you. Sure, they will help. Your ability to connect to the vibration of peace and hold it will give you a valuable advantage in remaining calm no matter how strong the storm blows about you.

Understand, though, that your suffering is not in vain. It will be instrumental in taking the steps you need for your own expansion in self-knowing and connection with your innermost aspects where the cosmic symphony plays.

Moreover, know that when you brave these hardships and still share your love and light and make your stand for all that you know inside, those elements of your inner tones that are part of others will begin to vibrate and trigger within them a connection to the world (and you) that they may have never known.

Those who choose to let go of the status quo and the 3D ways that no longer serve them will be able to follow those vibrations inward on their own journey of self-discovery back toward their source. Those who don't will probably continue fighting for their self-interest and imposing their will on all who stand in their way, at least until their own personal Armageddon comes.

It's not your job to fix them, or even oppose them, except to the extent you feel compelled to neutralize their efforts and make a stand for what you are at your core.

Your job is simply to meet what comes as best you can and use it as you are inspired to do. As you do, perhaps you'll recognize more of the vibrations that are you and the part they might play in the whole.

I'm here to help you do this. So please, don't think ill of me if you hear me shouting from the sidelines, “C'mon now, you can do it! Take one for the team!”

God bless you indeed.