Supplemental LinkedIn Profile

The energies of change are turning the status quo on its head, making it increasingly difficult to live lives that serve us, much less the world.

Everywhere we turn, it seems the lives we've known are under assault. Things no longer work as they once did, forcing us to abandon old ways and adopt new ones to adapt to a world in transition.

Yet, despite the harshness of these challenging times, somehow we must find a way through the difficulties and stay on track to the future we want.

I help people negotiate these obstacles and solve the many daunting challenges that arise along the way.

Then, once they've found their peace, to add their contribution to a better world for us all.

Maybe I can help you, too.

God bless you indeed.

Why me?

Since 1977 I've provided advice, solved problems and brought peace to people's affairs. Now I help business and social entrepreneurs and others who make a difference find their peace and meet the challenges that hold them back.

How? By empowering them to:

- know themselves
- get clear on their intentions
- address the things that hold them back,
- work with and within a world built on struggle, control and conflict
- challenge the beliefs, practices and perspectives that keep bringing more of the same

The objective? To build a life that serves them - and the world!

I speak, write, train and counsel how to do this, and adapt my efforts to the needs of individuals and audiences alike.

I also enhance their co-creation, community and team-building skills, and help them strengthen family and other relationships that form along the way.

My background?

Inner and energy practices:
- Spirituality and self-knowing
- Meditation
- Qigong, energy healing and martial arts

- general counsel
- wills and trusts for business owners;
- lawsuit strategies and settlements;
- negotiating and preparing contracts of most kinds
- life and business planning and transactions

Civic service:
- President/director, Miami Lakes Business Assn (now Chamber of Commerce)
- Board of Supervisors, Florida FAA Federal Credit Union;
- Director, Miami Deaf Services Bureau
- Member, Community Advisory Committee of the Miami Lakes Technical Education Center
- Assoc Director and Legal Adviser, NAIC (Natl Assn of Investors Corp, SoFla Council

- Legal correspondent for Into Tomorrow, a syndicated radio show on high tech products and issues
- Computer law committee, Florida Bar
- Wrote chapter on Living Trusts and Pour-over Wills for Fla Estate Planning Guide.

- Leukemia Foundation
- American Cancer Society
- American Heart Assn
- Chinese Medicine Institute.

In addition, I stay abreast of technologies and trends affecting those who work to make a difference.


The above was my original LinkedIn profile. I may go back to it one day.