Our world is changing, and SO ARE WE!

The carefully crafted lives of our past are crumbling, giving way to new possibilities and the need to adapt to a shifting reality that makes surviving and thriving even more of an adventure than before.

I am a recovering lawyer, peacemaker and spiritual teacher who speaks about building lives that better serve us in a changing world, and how to deal with the dramas and difficulties it interposes with less struggle and suffering along the way.

And in the process, shift into new perspectives and approaches to avoid carrying the seeds of today's problems into the future you want to create.

So if your group needs an engaging speaker for an upcoming event, why not give me a try?

To inquire about having me speak at your event, please email me or call 954-324-7353Be sure to leave a message if we're away.

Attention Podcast Producers and Hosts

I am also available for interviews and appearances on podcasts, web video, teleconference, radio, and television.   Contact me to arrange a segment for your show today.

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