Running a small business or home-based business sounds easy.  It’s not.

Those who’ve tried it know how hard it really is to do so in a way that generates the money and lifestyle you need for a life that serves you.

I’ve been on all sides of the issue over the years, both with my own businesses (law, consulting, writing and speaking) and those of my clients.

It’s given me perspective on the problems that arise and the solutions available to address them.  I share the benefit of that insight and experience to help small business owners survive and thrive in their chosen fields — and when that’s no longer possible, to transition to new ones where they can enjoy greater success.

Now that the COVID response and shutdown has shuttered small businesses across the land, many of those owners will need help getting going again — or setting off in new directions to do something else.

I can help in a number of ways:

      • Providing general legal counsel
      • Cutting costs and raising money
      • Dealing with government programs
      • Evaluating business models and new opportunities
      • Joint ventures and special projects
      • Solving problems and troubleshooting issues
      • Writing your business plan
      • Negotiating and structuring relationships
      • Website design, content and modifications
      • Message formulation and delivery
      • Podcast, video, speaking and book writing/publishing
      • Conscious capitalism, social ventures and other do-good activities

But most of all, I’m a trusted advisor and confidante who can help you meet the unique challenges of these trying times.

Why not schedule a call to discuss your situation.  Who knows?  Maybe I can help you get through this in a better way.