Ten Questions You Might Ask

John is a controversial and thought-provoking speaker who is highly-sought as a radio and TV guest. Here are 10 questions you might consider asking John during your interview.

1. What caused you to take this path?

2. What would you tell people who are caught up in the pain of life, or are struggling so much that they can't see a way out?

3. Why do people fight, and what can they do to stop it?

4. You talk about people going their own way. How can they know what it is, much less do it?

5. What side do you come down on in the political battles we see on the news, and what advice would you give to our listeners?

6. What do you say to people who think there's nothing they can do about the fighting in our world?

7. What might an economy of tomorrow look like, and how can we go about building one?

8. Please share your vision of a better tomorrow, and what people can do to help bring it about.

9. What role do you see for religion in the future?

10. What changes are necessary to accomplish what you are suggesting?

For more information on John's work or message, visit him at www.JohnDennison.com.

His book Whispers in the Silence: Living by the Light of Your Soul, is available there.