I've been answering an inner call for over 20 years to illuminate the issues and obstacles facing those awakening to new possibilities for their world. Through speaking, books, blogs, videos and his podcast, I've shared a new perspective on the forces at work that influence your life.

These projects offer opportunities to see things another way and grow toward the light, not just to advance your spiritual journey but also to expand your efforts to build a life that serves you. My services are intended to help you apply it all, and deal with the dramas and difficulties that get in your way.

Some of those projects are open to the public and available for visitors (e.g., PeaceOptions and WhisperZone). Others are completed and their missions rolled into this namesite, such as MissionLaunch, where I offered coaching and consulting for mission development.

Regardless of the project, each reflects an aspect of who I am and what I'm all about.  Check them out.


Completed/Closed Projects