How Do You Relate to Change?

Change is a constant in our world -- and in fact is accelerating as we move into Ascension. Nevertheless, we humans hate it. Because change hurts.

We lock ourselves into beliefs and patterns designed to keep our status quo in place. But when they are threatened or stretched to the breaking point, we're feel the pain that comes with breaking our attachment to the familiar.

Little do we know that status quo by definition must change if it is to keep up with the changes going on in us.

The Responsibility of Freedom

It's not enough to simply be free. For freedom means little if we never exercise it, instead allowing ourselves to be herded like sheep toward whatever destination our "shepherds" set for us, or our ability to set our own course impeded by excessive law or regulation.

For one reason or another, many of us have quietly gone along with the mainstream flow. But the time is swiftly approaching when we can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch it happen. Now that flow looks like it's headed over a cliff and taking us along with it.

How to Find Justice for Your Soul

  1. Know yourself, why you're here, and what your life is all about. Explore your inner world, and dissolve the illusions of separation that exist within you. Connect more deeply to the source of your being; hear and heed the inner voice through which it speaks. Become more aware of what's going on inside you, why it's happening, and what it has to do with the outer life that is unfolding before you.

How do you make your choices, and where are they leading you?

We each have our own paths to awakening, as well as to the experiences we came to get. While those paths are not always within our conscious determination, we certainly have the ability to influence the course by which we choose to go about our efforts in this world.

The challenges of your life are opportunities to move toward that awakening and perfection of what you are all about. The question is what will you need to see them as such, and seize the chance they offer you?

Obstacle to Community

I just got off the phone with a friend discussing our Lightbeaerer dinner group, and the direction to go with our local gatherings. It was quite eye-opening to see that I have been an obstacle to the manifestation of my own vision of community.

Laura and I started inviting friends to meet over a monthly dinner a couple years ago to discuss issues of community. I was hearing an inner call (as well as an outer one from an esoteric source) to take my discussions on community to a new level.

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