Doing Justice to Your Soul

A great storm is blowing in our world. But rather than find a way out, those who profess to "lead" us are taking us deeper into its clutches.

Hello. I'm John Dennison. I'd like to show you another way to move through these difficult times, one that will allow them to better serve you and your reason for being.

The time of changes is upon us. Some call it the Ascension. The Mayans called it the end of time.

Others even say it's happening because the energetic structure of our world -- and us -- is increasing, vibrating at ever-higher frequencies as a result of cosmic energies bombarding our world as part of a Divine Plan for us to take the next step on our evolutionary journey.

Whatever the cause, the result is clear. It is a time of great chaos and uncertainty that's forcing us to decide whether the direction we're headed is really where we want to go.

Preparing for a New Dawn

Circumstances are ripening for major changes in our world, but they're bringing with them chaos and conflict over the direction for our future.

The world ahead can be a more peaceful and harmonious place, with far less struggle and sacrifice. But it will not come by resisting the energies of change bombarding our world, for resistance brings distortion and manifests greater struggle between the extremes.

Want Peace? Stop Fighting!

You say you want peace. If you're serious, then quit fighting.

  • Quit fighting with others to get your way, or keep them from getting theirs.
  • Quit fighting with the political system and those who want to use it to move your country one way or another.
  • Quit fighting with your business, your job, your customers, your banker, or anyone else with whom you don't see eye-to-eye.
  • Quit fighting with your life over what it is or is not.

What Steals Your Peace?

Yesterday I heard someone say they wanted world peace. That sure would be great. But then I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have peace a little closer to home -- like in all the other aspects of our lives? Don't we want peace there, too? Is world peace enough if we can't have it in our lives, too?

After all, there are a whole lot of things that disturb our peace a lot more than the fighting that's carried on in international affairs.

The Cosmic Evolution of Humanity

These turbulent times are coming for a reason. They precede the great lifting up of Ascension, a cosmic shift in perspective and possibility beyond our wildest imagination.

In order to nudge human history in a new direction, some must challenge the entrenched beliefs and existing ways to unlock stuck energies that keep bringing us more of the same.

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