Welcome, friend.

Hi, I'm John, a retired lawyer, peacemaker and spiritual teacher.

I write and speak to stop the fighting and empower others to build the kind of lives they want to live, and the kind of world needed to live them in. I also offer consultations to those who want insight and perspective on how they might get where they want to go and overcome the things holding them back.

To help, I share an inner approach to our outer affairs that can help you break through to a better tomorrow. It involves:

  • finding peace in your time;
  • solving problems and overcoming obstacles with more ease and effectiveness;
  • knowing yourself and addressing the inner conditions that steal your peace and impair your relationship with the outer world;
  • cultivating social consciousness and the awareness of how our lives impact the world around us;
  • learning to make decisions and exercise free will with responsibility and restraint;
  • overcoming the differences and distortions we use to keep ourselves separate and apart; and
  • moving beyond beliefs and practices that keep us in struggle and conflict;

While you're here, why not look around? Check out my blogs and other sites. You'll find I see things another way -- one that can help unlock the door between where you are and where you want to go. But only you can pass through it.

Perhaps one day I'll get the chance to shine a light upon your way.

And if you're a meeting planner or program chair (or know one), please drop me a line or call me. I'd like to speak to your group.

God bless you indeed. I am