Are You Thinking of Jumping into the Battle, Too?

In case you haven't noticed, there's a battle brewing, and the pot is beginning to boil.

People are feeling enough is enough on a whole range of issues involving government, social responsibility, and the influence of money and power over the conduct and course of our common affairs.

The energies behind them do not necessarily trigger the same beliefs or actions in everyone. Rather, they manifest differently to create what appears to be a raging conflict between forces that generally describe themselves as progressive or conservative.

Nevertheless, the cause is the same -- a mass awakening to an evolution in human consciousness that wants more from how we go about our lives and conduct our affairs. More equal. More just. More opportunity. More freedom. More benefit to all, and the whole they comprise.

Behind it all is the energy of light, offering greater understanding of who we are and what we're all about.

Yet even those who press for such changes -- regardless of the extreme from which they speak, be it tea party, wall street protest, or whatever -- still exhibit the same forces of darkness they profess to oppose.

Fear, judgment, and a willingness to impose their wills to advance their own interests or causes, even when it means doing so at the expense of others, is deeply infused in their efforts, tainting the process at the risk of alienating the very people they hope to sway over to their cause.

For indeed, the majority of people hesitate to take up either banner (or for that matter, support continuation of a status quo that increasingly disserves them). While something inside resonates with one aspect or another of the messages being conveyed, an even greater part of them is causing them to hold back.

Why? Why are the people not embracing such efforts for change, even when they suffer under the heavy yoke of the existing system?

They do so not because they are waiting to be convinced of the merits of giving their support to one side or another, but rather because something inside is waiting for more -- waiting for those who protest to embrace in practice the very principles they profess to hold dear.

Peace. Love. Joy. Forgiveness. Inclusiveness. Connection. Cooperation.

For in the protestors' efforts to express their outrage over the practices of those who hold in place the status quo, they set themselves up in an adversarial position that emphasizes the differences between peoples, rather than demonstrate ways that encourage everyone to voluntarily come along to a place that will better serve us all.

The future they seek is one of fairness, yet they only see fairness from a perspective of imposing their views on those who don't see things their way.

In short, they want to create a future of peace and prosperity by waging war upon those who enjoy the greatest prosperity now, and use it to control the system to their own advantage.

Of course, this is the way our world has worked for millennia. Social philosophies like the Hegelian dialect make conflict a central tenet in human evolution (the forces of change act against the status quo, and result in a synthesis of the two that become the new status quo, when the process repeats itself).

I do not defend the actions of those who live in disregard for the interests of others or their relationship to the world around them. Neither do I support those who abuse the practice of government or use it to advance their own interests or those of their supporters.

But I do believe that you cannot create a world of peace by engaging in conflicts. Peace is not something that results when you're done fighting all the battles. It is a vibration inside us that allows us to live together without being in disharmony with each other, where we each take our rightful place within the whole to get the experiences our souls came for.

If both sides would look for ways to embrace the other, and see that not only are they on the same team in seeking change, but that such change must also find a way to include those who contribute to the abuses they oppose, I think the people would be much more ready to jump on board.

Because then they could see that we all are truly ready to go to the same place -- to a Golden Age of human evolution that serves us all better than the current environment now does.

This does not mean acquiescing to practices which continue the current course or exacerbate the abuses imposed upon us all. It simply means expanding our awareness so that we realize that we cannot get there without them.

So either we find a way to agree upon our destination and convince everyone to jump on board, or we relegate ourselves to more and more conflict ahead, with all the turmoil, chaos and difficulties that will surely result.

I pray everyone wakes up and sees there can be another way. And until they do, that you find your peace and cling tightly to it in the days to come.

Because you're probably going to need it.