Individuality vs. the Status Quo

Yesterday I tried to give you a glimpse into me so that you might better understand yourself. It is this self-knowing that is key not only to your spiritual advancement, but also to your ability to consciously work with and within your outer reality.

Some of my past lives were mentioned only because they are part of the totality of who I am and relate to the "sense of culmination" I described. It involves applying the collective perspectives and understandings of those lives to the situations of this one.

The receipt of perspective can be a valued gift to those locked in the drama of life. But it can also be an unwanted intrusion into one's personal affairs, particularly when we want [usually subconsciously] to struggle a while longer before extricating ourselves from our mess. It is therefore a fine line I walk when deciding whether and what to share with those whose situations are not working out as desired.

One such situation we all face is when we deal with the status quo, namely the way things are. To most who are spreading the wings of their individuality, the status quo feels like a ball and chain that restricts our movement, denies our creativity, and saps our passion -- at least, until all of those things are pointing in the same direction as its underlying beliefs and perspectives. In short, individuality is much like being a revolutionary against that status quo, for we must somehow extricate ourselves from its grasp in order to get the full experience of what we are.

Understand, however, that the status quo is not a static mass. Rather, it is a dynamic mix of beliefs, perspectives and practices that has developed to enable disparate individualities to co-exist. Much of the time that status quo is the product of a hierarchy of power, where some gravitate toward positions of dominance of will over others, while others fall into subservient roles to accommodate them.

Individuality is naturally a resistance to that power, for it pits the needs of the one against the will and desire of those at the top of the power hierarchy. As a result, there is an inherent energetic discord that keeps things in a constant state of tension, if not outright conflict.

Sometimes the individual simply wants to go his or her own way, to be left alone to explore the creativity, inspiration or simply sense of freedom that can result from freely expressing oneself.

At others, however, the individual expression is directed toward the common reality, wanting to change the circumstances of governance, systemic operations, or institutional controls that inhibit not only his life, but also the affairs of society as well.

Most of the time there is little consciousness brought to bear in the exploration and expression of individuality, much less its struggle with the status quo. However, as we evolve we become more sensitive to the impact of that status quo upon our desired objective, whether it be personal or societal.

Our expanded consciousness in turn allows us to consider that relationship more objectively, to probe the energies involved, and to recognize and act upon those aspects of the status quo that are impairing our expression without making war against the entirety of the status quo (and so avoid becoming "rebels without a cause").

Such a situation is now developing in our political affairs. Many are now giving voice to their dissatisfaction with long-held practices of our status quo. As a result, corruption, power, runaway spending, and expansive control over the populace are now fair game. Where it ends, no one knows. But the genie is out of the bottle, and the collective expression of individuality for higher standards of practice and accountability will either result in the desired changes or escalate toward an inevitable clash of will and desire.

In any event, my hope is that you as an individual grow more aware of the operation of the status quo within and upon your life. Your relationship with it dramatically affects the quality and happiness of that life. And the only one who sets the tone for that relationship is you.

As you grow, try to recognize how your own stuck beliefs, practices and perspectives lock you into your own personal status quo. It is this with which you will be most concerned, distracted from time to time by the affairs of the collective status quo around you.

Try to see the energetic threads running through both. See how they flow back and forth in a complex dance determined by an "invisible hand," and seep into every nook and cranny of life.

One day, perhaps, you will even understand the workings of that hand and work consciously with it for even greater expression within this reality.

Regardless of your level of conscious participation in this process, your individuality will always allow you to add a unique contribution to this status quo.

How you choose to express yourself and interact with the energies you encounter is part of the art of creating your life. So see yourself as an artist, working upon a dynamic canvas of energy and form with many interactive parts.

When one part changes, everything changes. So play with your creation. Explore who you are and how you fit within that whole. This is what you are and came to do.

Be the artist of your life. Allow your individuality to come forth and work its magic. When you do, that status quo will never again be the same.

God bless you indeed. Go with love. I am

- john