How Will You Find Your Way?

The pressure cooker of our outer world is starting to boil. The resulting disintegration of the status quo is causing dramas to spiral out of control, setting off conflicts everywhere as people struggle to adjust.

We see the influence all around, even when we'd prefer not to. The financial system that once worked quietly out of view is now trembling on its foundations, propped up with public money and back-room deals.

Governmental operations are buckling under corruption and mismanagement, and demonstrating that even its enormous powers are no match for the unforeseen ravages of man and nature. Escalating political battles call into question even the best of intentions, leaving proponents to fight over who will get to hold the beast's reigns and feed its insatiable appetite for more.

Jobs that once could last a lifetime are now at best temporary islands of relief from periodic unemployment, triggering fears of an uncertain future and the struggles of lifestyles in flux.

The question for each of us is, how will we find our way through the storm and still be able to carve out lives that serve us?

* * * * *

We certainly can't do it the way we used to. The creative substance of the reality we knew no longer responds to the old methods of will and desire. Instead, their use only leads us deeper into the dramas and lengthens the detours we must take to find our way out.

So, if fighting to get what we want despite its impact on others or the world won't work any more, what's a soul to do?

We must find another way. We must learn to let go of our outer desires, and listen more to the intentions of our souls. It's not that those desires are necessarily bad. But many are the result of contrasts created by situations we've experienced that keep the pendulum of duality swinging wildly within us.

To move through these uncertain times, we need to find what the Buddha called the middle path that exists somewhere between the extremes. It is not a static way, nor one that is set in stone that all must follow. Rather, it is continually shifting, requiring us to develop a great sensitivity to the energies of the moment, and finding our point of balance within the situation so that we are not derailed by the dramas as we move toward a better tomorrow.

There are many ways to find this point of balance, with no one-size-fits-all solution that will work in all situations. It requires as much trial and error as it does sensitivity to the energies within others and us.

Though the old means remain at our disposal, the current reality no longer supports being the bull in the china shopand imposing our will upon all that get in our way. Rather, it is a time that demands we recognize our interrelationship to all of life, and find ways to not only add our part, but fit it into the greater whole. And if that whole is insufficient, our lives very well may be as well.

I suggest that you might find your way by allowing yourself regular moments to sit quietly and commune with your soul. Listen to its whispers. Use your inner compass to set your direction.

Then, once you've allowed the winds of the outer dramas to pass, set about on your way. And when you find yourself slipping into struggle, take a pause and try to sense the energies at work in and around you. Rather than get caught up in the games they offer you, look for a center point where you can maintain your balance as you move forward toward the destination.

Try to think of finding your point of balance as surfing the energies, riding on their surface and thrilling to the waves crashing around you. Enjoy the ride, and do your best not to fall and crash upon the rocks that lie beneath the surface. But if you do, don't despair. We all fall down. So get up as best you can, tend to your wounds, and try again.

But by all means, don't get too caught up in the idea that the destination you're headed toward is ultimately where you are going. Rather, it may simply be a mile marker that upon reaching is simply replaced by another as your are given a new heading to follow.

Remember, there's no right or wrong way to survive the storm. It's simply a matter of getting through it as best you can.

For it's all happening to help you -- and the rest of humanity -- evolve. And through the situations it brings, to know yourself and your relation to the world around you a little bit better, in the process perfecting their expression so that you can draw the spiritual energies at your core into your daily affairs.

This is your journey through life. It's all that matters, and everything that's happening is allowing you to take new steps in your development that would not otherwise be possible. Use your moments wisely. It's why you're here now in these challenging times.

Godspeed, my friend.