What does community have to do with your mission?


You may be working for a better tomorrow, but that work doesn't happen in a vacuum. Social impact is not something that we push off to an uncertain future; it is what happens in the here and now when we bring our best to the moment.

Nowhere is that more important than when considering the issue of community, your impact upon it, as well as its effect upon you, your life and service.

I'm not talking about bringing together those you serve in some kumbaya activity that allows them to draw on each other's strengths and add support in areas of weakness.

Neither am I speaking about connecting with other servers who are also adding their contribution, whatever the form it may take.

These are both extremely important to the mission entrepreneur, and I highly recommend you remain open to both possibilities in making a difference.

Today, however, let's look instead at community on a slightly broader scale -- the locale in which you live, and the issues those who live there confront in their daily affairs.

* * * * *

The Beehive of Activity that makes a Community

Within every local community there are usually many threads of activity that affect the various issues that impact people's lives. Some fall into traditional public service fields, like politics, governance, regulation, security, law enforcement, the courts and such.

Others deal with necessities of living, like food and water, health care, housing, clothing, electricity and the distribution channels for each.

Then there are matters of connectivity, both within the community as well as the outer world, that involve different business institutions for telephone, computer and mobile networks that allow commerce to take place and people to interact with others. Let's not forget the media either like radio, TV and the like, with their ability to both inform, entertain, uplift and even stir up latent fears and desires.

Lest we forget, there's also the often-invisible network of money and finance that provides the fuel to allow all of that to happen, working hand in hand with business and government and all other aspects of society.

Of course, no community would be complete without considering the myriad ways that people come together or receive the support that they need to keep going -- spiritual, family, business, recreation, charitable, and many others,

Someone once wrote that no man is an island. Well, no mission is performed on an island, either. It exists to make a difference in the lives of those it serves. That service takes place as part of the greater community in which it finds itself, and is touched by the energies and interests that run through and feed each of its components.

The ability to make a difference is enhanced when we know what's going on in the community around us, and how our work fits into that whole.

Develop Your Consciousness of the Whole

Service in the New Age is never about doing our thing with such tunnel vision that we are oblivious to or forget just about everything else. Rather, it is more about developing a consciousness of the whole.

And the whole I recommend you become part of and draw into your awareness is the functioning of the community (actually, communities) in which you live. Put your finger on it's pulse. Know what's going on and what makes it tick. Understand it's needs. Draw on its strengths. Supplement areas of weakness.

You can work with blinders on. But if you do, you run a risk of quickly becoming irrelevant.

But when you keep an ear to the ground and an eye out for the needs of the greater community in which you live, you will be able to respond more quickly when need arises -- not to mention be more valuable to those around you who can use what you offer.

For now, plug in. Connect. Open your eyes and ears. Develop your consciousness of the whole.

Remember, it's a new world we're all working to build. That world is one where people are connected with and care about each other.

Where better to start than where you are right now?

God bless you indeed.