What Do the Upcoming U.S. Elections Mean for Mission Entrepreneurs?

Obama vs. Romney 2012The Republican National Convention just wrapped up last night rallying support for their man Mitt Romney. At the other extreme, the Democrats are on deck next week to try to reup Obama for another four years.

Their supporters of course jump up and down shouting with glee while legions of pundits and paid mouthpieces fill the airwaves with drivel about how good is their guy and bad is the other one.

Lost in the mix is a big chunk of the American electorate, left standing on the sidelines shaking their heads, wondering how it always seems to come down to two choices between people and policies they don't support that promise to take their nation in a direction they don't want to go.

What's it mean for you?

So what's it all mean to those who are working to build a better tomorrow? More importantly, if you're one of them, what's it mean for YOU?

The most obvious thing you probably already know is that you will have to work with or within a system that many see as broken, oppressive and corrupt. Yet despite its failings, it's the system we've got. Whether you see it as good or bad or any of the shades of gray in between, you can't allow what's going on in Washington, the statehouses or city hall keep you from doing what you're called to do.

Like I've always told my sons, somehow you've got to find a way.

Regardless of whether they try to enhance or restrain your efforts through laws, regulations or mountains of red tape, you have to function within whatever atmosphere they set.

Moreover, since they often control the public debate that shapes the hearts and minds of the people you want to serve and many others who will affect your mission, you will need to find ways to be heard despite the noise and ongoing political conflict that will surely result.

How well you work within such an atmosphere of continuing (and probably escalating) conflict will determine the effectiveness of your efforts. For you still will have to deal with the same issues of how you do what you're going to do, who you serve, and how you'll generate the resources to sustain your efforts.

Preparing the soil for a better way

Furthermore, I expect that those who are involved in speaking out against the existing system will continue to have a fertile soil for their arguments against greed, corruption, control, environmental damage, loss of freedom, or whatever.

Depending on which way the election turns, they may get more or less support within the administration. But I certainly wouldn't expect meaningful change from within. They're too set in their ways.

So your job will probably require far more than marching in the streets or demonstrating to rally support against the abuses or the trickle-down harm that results from their excesses.

People know things aren't working, so it probably won't be necessary to beat the drum for change. Nevertheless, just the prospect of change raises fears of the unknown, and people are often loathe to turn away from the devil they know when there's a chance a worse one lurks around the corner.

Don't keep beating your head against that wall in the same old way. Be ready to change your approach to delivering your message and inspiring people to action. The current environment demands more than just sounding the alarm. After all, people are used to Chicken Littles crying that the sky is falling. And somehow, it never does.

You may therefore find it more effective not to challenge who people support or the party toward which they lean. Instead, try to get them to examine whether things are working out the way they want. And if not, why they continue to give support to a system that isn't delivering on its promises or creating the kind of environment in which awakening souls can live peaceful, happy and productive lives.

Certainly under the current system of chaos, control and conflict, such things are difficult if not impossible to come by. And that would be a very good place to start.

Show them the way

I doubt if Moses told the Jews in Egypt they'd be wandering in the desert for 40 years and have to face all sorts of hardships and deprivation. But they'd been beaten down and abused to a point they weren't left much choice.

Today, people have a choice -- at least, they think they do, so long as things don't deteriorate past the tipping point or the curtain's pulled back to such a point that their cynicism turns their stomachs and heads toward something else.

It's that choice you will want to emphasize, and the things that go into making it. It probably wouldn't hurt to start them thinking about what happens if they refuse to make it and things keep going the way they are now.

That means suggesting alternatives that might work better, how those might look and impact their lives and society down the road. But most importantly, to lay out ways they might get there from here, and the costs that will probably have to be paid along the way.

Try not to get so caught up in your own rhetoric that you lose sight of reality.

Pipe dreams sound nice, but don't do much more than give people a wistful look in the eye. Sot might help to not only talk about the problems, but to hold out meaningful solutions that they can see a reasonable possibility of manifesting.

Then again, you don't have to be definite as to the path, so much as to let people know that opportunities to make new choices will arise as we move down the road. But to make sure the get the choices they want, ones that can result in something better, it would certainly help if they can grow into more of what they can be.

The more they can connect their own hopes and dreams with a vision of how to bring them to life, the more the hold of the existing system will begin to loosen and the more receptive they will become to considering other possibilities.

So if anything, this election is about what makes the people tick. The politicians will push their buttons to manipulate them into voting for their side. But the kind of support it generates is fickle, and won't last long once promises inevitably are broken. Except for their party's faithful, they'll want to hear another voice. And hopefully you'll be in position to give them that chance.

An evolution of consciousness

Just understand that to really bring about change, your work is going to be in changing consciousness by bringing light into people's lives, beliefs, attitudes, perspectives and practices.

Neither party has a lock on any of those things. If anything, they're completely ignored, creating a vacuum of unmet need. That's where you, the mission entrepreneur, must fill in the gaps.

Your job isn't just to follow behind them and clean up their mess. If anything, it's to become a catalyst for change by whispering in the people's ear, showing them another way, and illuminating paths through the obstacles that both they and society will have to overcome to get there.

I cannot emphasize enough, however, that always, always, always it's about consciousness. Yours. The people's collective consciousness. And the consciousness of those who want to keep things the way they are and benefit from the power, money or influence it brings them.

In the end, it probably doesn't matter who wins. Change is coming. As consciousness evolves, so must the system and leaders we get to run it.

Whether that somehow miraculously happens with the upcoming elections or otherwise within the system that we've got remains to be seen. My personal feeling is it won't. Any change will be around the edges, at least until the people who elect them change.

When it does come about, though, it wouldn't surprise me if it happens like the Phoenix reborn, rising from the rubble of what remains after it collapses under its own weight. And then there will be a whole lot more who need our help to rise up from desperation, struggle and hardship so they can add their piece to the new world to come.

Either way, we've got a lot of work ahead. I know that together, somehow it will get done.

God bless you indeed.