Is the Weight of the New World on Your Shoulders?

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to help build a New World -- one brick at a time. That brick is the contribution your inner voice is calling you to make.

However large, however small, no one can add it but you. But without it, the foundation of that world will be a little weaker and more prone to crumbling under the onslaught of those who want to maintain the status quo, or to impose a distorted view of how things should be.

It's a daunting task, overwhelming even. Not to mention the weight of responsibility that comes with it.

What if you fail? Oh my God! All is lost.

You'll not only let down yourself and all those others who are depending on you to do your part. You'll be letting God down as well.

Well, isn't that how you feel? That the weight of the New World is on your shoulders and that you wonder if you'll be up to the task before you?

Get over it.

* * * * *

A New World is coming. It will get here a little sooner with your help. It may even be a little better. But whether you do or you don't, it will arrive in Divine timing, when people are ready for it.

Readiness has little to do with your specific contribution. It's a function of energy -- the energy of consciousness -- manifesting a reality that will create the experiences it needs to evolve further.

Energy? Consciousness? Evolving? Experiences? Am I kidding?

No, not at all.

Everything is energy. It comprises all reality. The quality of the energy of our current reality is a reflection of the consciousness that calls it into manifestation. In short, we get what we need to show us where we are and lead us to take the next step toward what we can be.

Without getting too metaphysical here, try to think of consciousness as a function of light. The more we shine on the way things are -- including ourselves -- the more awareness we have on what makes them that way, and the greater our choices to create something different.

Consciousness, then, offers possibility and the choice to bring it into existence.

The New World (or at least the transitional one that is evolving from the one we've known) is a function of a wave of increased consciousness (or light, or energy, or however you want to think of it) that is sweeping over our world. It offers us the chance to see why our lives and world are the way they are and why we treat each other the way we do. And with that awareness comes the choice to keep doing the same old things, and creating more of the same. Or to make another choice and try something else.

If we're not ready to seize the opportunity, we can continue on the way we are a little while longer. And reality will keep serving us up problems, each a little bigger than the one before, beating us down until we get tired of the abuse we heap upon ourselves and we're forced to go another way.

Sure sounds a lot like where we are today, right? Well, unless people are ready for that change and their consciousness grows to a point they're willing to turn away from the beliefs and practices that hold in place the status quo, nothing will change.

So your contribution -- you know, that mission you're trying to build -- is going to work somewhere in that process. You may be helping to expand consciousness, illuminate problems, offer solutions, or perhaps just ameliorate the impact on those who suffer from the status quo.

Whatever your piece, it's important to those who will receive it. For its impact will ripple outwards from those you help to the lives and world they touch, sort of like paying it forward.

Now, their lives will certainly be richer for you doing what you're called to do. And perhaps a little poorer without it, assuming no one else steps forward to take your place.

But that's a funny thing about the Divine plan. Somehow, from somewhere, people get what they need. So if you don't find a way to fulfill your mission, it will either get done another way by someone else, or it's not as great a need as you think it is.

With that said, that doesn't make your job any less important. It's just that you don't have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You've got enough to do. Just revel in the process of doing it, and how that effort impacts you and your life.

Your world will be a better place if you do.

God bless you indeed.