Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

Today I make my stand. I'm not an activist, but there's an issue on a ballot near you that needs your attention. It's about the legalization of marijuana, especially for medicinal purposes.

As a long-standing advocate for the responsible and unrestrained exercise of free will, I could rail against laws that restrict those freedoms. Laws prohibiting pot are among those. But I won't.

Neither will I address the failed policies that have created a war on drugs and incarcerated large numbers of our population for possession, sale, or cultivation of hemp. These clearly haven't worked, and cost our economy billions in enforcement and incarceration costs alone, not to mention lives destroyed in the process.

Instead, I'll simply say that every person should have the right to pursue health care treatment of their choosing, especially when it is produced by nature, causes no physical harm or dependency, or otherwise. And whether government claims the right to criminalize and prohibit such treatments, doing so is an abuse of power that must be restrained.

People have a duty to stand up to unjust laws. Our grandparents did that when they repealed Prohibition, a misguided attempt to legislate morality and control behavior.

Now it is our turn to say, "Enough is enough."

Whether you are for or against its use, you don't want anyone telling you what you can and cannot do that doesn't harm anyone else. Why are you so willing to allow that to happen to those who suffer from injury or illness, pain, anxiety, stress, neurological disorders, or any of the myriad other conditions that afflict them?

Are you willing to condemn them to take more pills in hopes that artificial compounds can do as well as nature's remedy, without side effects? Worse, do you want them to turn to it on their own, to flaunt their disregard of the law to get the help they need?

This is a matter each of us must decide for ourselves. My position is clear. I favor its legalization and use, particularly for medicinal purposes.

Where do you stand?