A New System is Coming. It's Inevitable.


I have a vision for a better tomorrow, and see the possibility that it is nearer than most of us imagine. People are awakening to their connection to others and getting many opportunities to feel the pain of the less fortunate in order to strengthen that bond.

Just as importantly, they see that the system under which they live and the institutions that flourish under it aren't serving them the way they want, much less helping to create the kind of world they want to live in. And slowly but surely, working to simultaneously wrest control from those with money and power -- possibly an unprecedented historical event -- while laying the foundation upon which a new system can be built that better takes us all where we want to go.

This movement will continue and grow. It cannot be stopped. It is the inevitable result of the expanding consciousness of humanity. The only question is when? How long can it be delayed so our spoils can continue to be looted?

That depends on each of us. Will we act when that inner voice calls us to?