Living Life on the Edge

The law of this universe is free will -- choice by sentient beings over how they create, process and interact with their reality.

That freedom of choice has been usurped, impaired and eroded in so many ways -- just think of your last interaction where one person tried to impose their will upon another. Love is the means to reconcile those choices, a recognition that everyone has the right to go their own way, and the motivation to find a way to do that.

Too many, however, find domination and control their preferred way to interact with their environment; they have learned the power of the dark side to manipulate things to their advantage. All of us have learned this, and adopt it to one extent or another.

The highest application of light is to allow it to unfold as it will, even if that means letting go of what we want for ourselves. Unfortunately, others perceive that as a vacuum and take advantage of the opening to assert their wills.

Loving these "enemies" of free will allows them to realize their control is but an illusion we allow them to have, in essence a gift we give them to hopefully one day bring down their borders and allow them to feel the power of love for themselves.

This does not mean standing idly by and subjecting to their rule. It means finding ways to love and shine light into even the darkest spaces, and working to achieve a balance that serves all.

The ultimate test of free will is recognizing dark and light are flip sides of the same coin. But rather than flip it to land on one side or another, the solution we seek rests on the space -- the edge -- in between, the sacred neutral where both coexist as contributing parts of the whole.

Our job is to live life on the edge. Love is the only way to get there.