Do You Recognize When You're Suffering from Mission Block?

On the obstacle course (25)So many things can affect the success of your mission. Most of them have very little to do with external factors.

Here's a list of some of the things that many people experience on their journey to make a difference:

Here are just a few of the symptoms of mission block that you might have to deal with:

  • Unclear or Conflicting Intentions
  • Discontent with life/career
  • Feeling out of place in your life
  • Can't hear inner call
  • Questioning the call
  • Distractions, detours and impasses
  • Struggle syndrome
  • Multiple, conflicting voices inside
  • Shifting focus
  • Decision block
  • Uncertainty
  • Doubt
  • Hesitation
  • Overactive mind
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Responsibility overload
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Family resistance
  • Server conflict - Caught in the middle
  • Inner conflict
  • Preoccupation with profit
  • What about me?
  • Interference
  • Ineffectiveness
  • Unresponsive market
  • Messages falling on deaf ears
  • Social resistance
  • Passion fades
  • Financial flop

The key to dealing with these issues is understanding their cause. That can take quite a lot of introspection, not to mention dissection of the specific problems affecting your mission before you can get to root of the matter.

Let's try to walk through one approach to the problem together.

Step 1. Be honest with yourself.

What's really going on when you talk about the issue at hand? Even if you think your problem is one of how to find enough money to keep going, many times one or more of the factors listed above can be at work behind the scenes.

What's your role in the situation? How long has it been going on? In what kind of situations does it normally arise?

Step 2. Look at the Emotional and Mental Overlay.

This is important. What are the typical thoughts and emotions you experience when you run into the problem? How do they make you feel? Respond? Treat others?

What is their trickle-down effect upon those who work with you? Your family? Those you serve?

Step 3. What do they tell you about you?

Do these kinds of problems arise in other areas of your life? How about the emotions or thoughts? If so, what possible life patterns are at work here (focus as much upon inner cause and effect as the outer appearance)?

How to they affect the way you make decisions? Relate to others? Set your own course? Find happiness, joy, or passion? Raise anger or frustration?

For instance, are you one who normally relishes challenges, or takes the hard way instead of the easy way when give a choice?

In other words, look at the problem as an extension of you. As you look at it, listen to what's being said within you. A picture will begin to emerge, if you'll just look for it.

Step 4. Where do you go from here?

Do you really want to get out of the problem? Or have you constructed your life so that it any solution path is contingent upon a whole lot of possibilities, none of which you have any control over and have to wait to unfold?

Perhaps the problem is one that is easily solved. Then again, you probably know exactly what needs to be done, but for one reason or another haven't done it.

Why not? Look for the cause of your inaction, or refusal to make one of the choices you can see at hand?

Are you perhaps looking for another choice that isn't there at the moment? If so, then maybe you want to stay in the midst of the problem a little while longer.


The reasons for mission block are very personal to each of us, just as their symptoms can appear quite different as well.

Do your best to get to the bottom of it by yourself. Take whatever steps you can. Make the decisions that are before you. Do what you can.

And if that's not enough, perhaps you need someone to help you cut through the dross to see what you aren't seeing, or put the pieces of your puzzle together in another way.

If so, we can help. Call us.