The Challenge of Our Times

The world we have known is changing. But into what remains to be seen.

We are in the midst of a great struggle for control. On one side is the excess pursuit of self-interest without respect for others or responsibility for its impact upon them.

On the other are forces that would restrain the excesses of that system regardless of what rights they impinge or who they step on along the way.

Both use the same tactics of control, propping up public servants to enact favorable programs and policies and tweaking fears and desires of the electorate to keep them in place.

The rest of us are caught in the crossfire, seeminly powerless to do anything about it.

But are we really powerless? Is the status quo truly a runaway train barreling headlong toward the end of the tracks, and taking all of us along with it?

It doesn't have to be that way.

There is another way, one where human beings voluntarily moderate their free will with responsibility and restraint, and work cooperatively together to create a reality that serves all of creation and not simply their own self-interests.

By doing so, empower ourselves to weave our way through the minefield of forces that are trying to steal our peace and lock us into more of the same. And just as importantly, turn away from the conflicts and struggles that are endemic to our world as it is now.

We don't have to continue on this path. Nor do we have to concede the day to those who want to continue their contests for power and control.

But we'll never get there if we continue to sit back and leave it to others, hoping against hope they will somehow bring us the kind of change we really want and need.

Likewise, we cannot allow them to drag us into their battles by taking sides in their games of power; it only perpetuates the status quo that needs to change.

We are each responsible to create the kind of life we're here to live, and the kind of world we need to live it in. That starts by holding ourselves accountable for how we go about our affairs.

This doesn't mean turning our backs on those who still want to fight or pursue their own interests to the detriment of others. Rather, it means withdrawing our energy from their efforts and tacit consent for them to continue, neutralizing them at every turn and minimizing their impact as best we can.

And how do we do that? By actually walking our talk and practicing one of the prime tenets of manifestation -- conducting our lives as if those battles were over and we are already living in a co-creative world that no longer needs them.

So if the life you've got isn't the one you want, or the world around you isn't functioning in a way that will allow it to easily unfold, perhaps part of the problem is you.

What are you going to do about it? When will you demonstrate your own maturity as an evolved soul and start living as if it's already here?

I'm here to show you how, so please stay in touch.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.