About John

Meet John DennisonHi, I'm John.

Welcome to my namesite. You can see from the picture I try not to take myself too seriously.

As my wife puts it, I'm a writer, listener and problem solver with an ability to digest complex information and synthesize it into usable form. In short, she calls me a thinker. Whether she's saying that as a compliment or way of goading me into action is sometimes hard to tell, but you get the idea.

While there are many facets of me -- an eclectic mix of mainstream skills and experience with a heavy dose of spirituality, peace and self-knowing thrown in -- what I'm most about is the responsible exercise of free will.

It comes out in many ways. But one thread that runs through them all is an intention to help people know themselves and build a better tomorrow.

If you're one whose life isn't working the way you want, perhaps I can help you, too. Why not drop me a line and tell me a little about yourself and what's going on?

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
Disciple of the Light. Spiritual teacher. Peacemaker. Recovering lawyer. Advisor. Voice for the inner voice that whispers within us all. Advocate for a better tomorrow.
Author: Whispers in the Silence -- Living by the Light of Your Soul.
Available for speaking as well as personal and business consultations